Frequently Asked Questions

*You can contact us from our company contact addresses and follow up with the consultants of sales department, and you can make an appointment and get information about the property portfolio.

For appointment and information: +90 533 8710888 – +90 542 856 9398. You can get information by calling us.

You can also contact us at info@goldmarkestates e-mail address.

* Our company is working with many domestic and foreign customers. We work with Far East, Russian countries, Scandinavia, UK and European countries.

* In order to see our projects, it is possible to see the show houses in our offices and with the consultants in sales department.

You can also follow our projects from our web page and from our real estate pages.

* In order to see our projects from abroad, you must first come to North Cyprus. You need to arrange your ticket with yourself or our help, and connect with us before you come to the island. We provide all our foreign customers with free accommodation, real estate tour, region promotion and legal information services for 3 days in our own houses under the name of residential tour. It is FREE.


  • You have decided to purchase a house
  • The person or persons who will influence your decision to be present (maximum 3 persons)
  • Before you decide to finance your budget, you have already met with your bank.
  • Before you come, you should talk to our real estate agent with all the details.

NOTE: Real estate tour is not a tourist tour. Please be very careful that customers who will invest in housing should be sensitive to this issue. Otherwise, the company may charge from the customer expenses for this tour.

*Whether you like any housing, you can pay a non-refundable deposit to book your name for up to 1 month. You can deposit £ 1000 for apartment rentals, £ 2000 for duplex house reservations, and you can keep your apartment up to the completion and your contract signed. This period should not exceed 20 days. For longer reservations, you can contact the sales authorities.

*North Cyprus become attractive and draw investors and tourism sector’s interest due to its quite temperate, untouched nature. The friendliness, helpfulness, European perspective and benevolent relations with their guests whose visit Cyprus as an opportunity for foreigners to embrace and invest in Cyprus as their home. North Cyprus Housing acquisition has accelerated in recent years, as there has been a steady rise in the housing sector for many years, as Northern Cyprus is in the process of EU membership. House prices are rising by an annual average of 10-15%. It is known that 100% increase of housing prices in Northern Cyprus after the EU membership will take place in the first place and that these increases will reach the same level as Southern Cyprus in the following years, the vitality of the region, ease of investment, low tax rates, ‘ın real estate investors and tourism investors are the most important factors in becoming a center of investment. Obviously we look forward to welcoming you to our office to provide the best service and information for all domestic and foreign people who want to win, live a happy and peaceful life, and make a safe investment.

* Foreign customers have the right to purchase 1 house from Cyprus and up to 3 plots. Foreigners wishing to acquire more property can increase their number of properties through their Lawyers. For this, an inactive company is established under the name of Trust Company and the required number of dwellings and land can be acquired on behalf of this company.

*Taxes other than the Home Price during the purchase of housing

Stamp Fee: 0.5% Tax that is paid during the contract phase for stamping and formalization of the tax contract.

 VAT: VAT paid by the customer for the Tax Office at 5% over the Contract Price. It is paid before the house delivery takes place.

 Transformer Contribution + Infrastructure and Connections: Since the government does not provide electricity, telephone, water and other infrastructure connections, these costs are divided equally among the customers. The average amount is between £ 1500 and £ 2500. The house is paid before delivery.

 Title deed Fee: In case of the payment of all the debts of the customer and the house tiles are ready after the receipt of the house purchase permission by the lawyer, 3% of the value shall be paid during the title deed according to the result of the price evaluation of the house to be built by the TRNC Land Registy Office.


*World-recognized Turkish and Cypriot banks in North Cyprus are operating. ING BANK, Turkey Isbank (Türkiye İş Bankası), Garanti Bank, Ziraat Bank, Faisal Islamic Bank, Turkey Economy Bank, Halk Bank, Limassol Turkish Bank, Turkish Bank, Credit West etc. It is possible and safe to transfer money to Northern Cyprus with many more banks. Economically, there is no problem in Northern Cyprus. Many foreigners are keeping their money in Northern Cyprus banks.

*After you buy your house and receiving your home, you have to apply to the TRNC electricity company personally and the deposit and labor fee have to be paid to the house for the electricity meter to be connected to the house or you must have a name change on the counter. For Water Connection If there is a different system in common use of the site, consult the company and if it is under the control of the local municipality, contact the responsible municipality and the water meters are connected by the customer. All of this is done by the person authorized by the recipient or the official.

*There are 50 flights per day out of Northern Cyprus to Turkey. There are also flights to Antalya, Ankara, Izmir, Adana, Gaziantep and Trabzon. Turkish Airlines is generally preferred on transit flights. Nicosia – Ercan Airport is located within 30 minutes driving distance to our Company and Projects. In addition, our customers who want to come to our country can also use Larnaca Airport in Cyprus. You have to be a Schengen Visa (EU Visa) to get from Cyprus to Larnaca. No visa is applied from Larnaca to northern Cyprus. Moreover, there is no visa application to Cyprus through Ercan airport. Visitor is allowed at least 30 days. It can stay up to 90 days a year without a residence permit.

*Foreign citizens who live in any house or flat in Northern Cyprus can easily obtain a residence permit through their lawyer. They can reside as long as they wish. The conditions and documents required to obtain a residence permit are given below.

  • Application Form (taken from the Regional Police Center and filled in by the customer himself)
  • Copy of passport (original must also be shown)
  • Passport Copy of the Client’s Spouse, if Present (Original must also be shown)
  • Certificate of Residence approved by the Mukhtar
  • Marriage Certificate (Must be original)
  • Purchased copy of house contract. (it will be washed away from the tax office)
  • Bank Account Statement (It is necessary to open an account in the Local Bank account, which will be followed by the state, so that it can be lived for 1 year.) (Approximately 10,000 – 15,000 US dollars can be exchanged for TRNC a year).
  • Stamp charge (15 TL)
  • Two pictures

*The Health Carnets (accepted from the private hospital too) and the receipts of payment for the check-ups of the Health Checks for the Residence Permit. Upon completion of all these proceedings, your lawyer will follow the process and will issue your residence permit within approximately 30 – 45 days. The session must be renewed on a six-month or annual basis. If you return to the island abroad, you can renew it.

We want you to know that the value of your home from your company will be continuously improved in the future with the increase in value. If you are renting your property, you may be able to cooperate with our management company in other areas and our income in other regions. We can get a rent guarantee for you from the construction companies in the purchasing you do with us.

*First of all we as the Company must ensure that we transmit all information to you and that you are guided correctly. If you have made your decision, it will be passed to contract phase.

Our contracts can be prepared in 1 hour in English, Turkish and Russian languages ​​mutually via our companies and lawyers.

You may leave authority to your lawyer if your time is limited for the contract and your lawyer can follow your name and complete the proceedings with your approval.

*The houses purchased from companies are given a Structural Guarantee between 5 and 10 years. These guarantees are troubles in wall cracks, rubbing due to construction, electrical or plumbing infrastructure. In addition, for the damages that occur as ceramic drops or swellings, they are kept under guarantee for 5 years, as reflected to us by the companies receiving the paint guarantee material. On the other hand, the kitchen, fountain, door handles, aluminum window or PVC window fittings are guaranteed by the material suppliers for 1 year in case of water motor failure.

*These times may vary depending on the company.

Note: During first year, the products are subject to on-site exploration by the companies to ensure that there is a defect in the customer’s product malfunction.

*Our company continues to serve after sales as much as possible. Furniture and home appliance packages and prices ready for your house to match will be presented to you. In addition, for customers who do not buy ready packs, our company offers a 1 day shopping tour during the delivery of the house.

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