The Turkish Cypriot education system considers equality between social stratification, gender equality, individual and local differences, so there are schools for all ages at pre-school, primary, secondary and higher education levels under the supervision of the TRNC Ministry of Education and culture with an appropriate management mentality based on “lifelong education”.

Education in the TRNC is compulsory until the age of 15 and the literacy rate is almost 100%.

There are some schools which provide special education to the people who grew up differently between the ages of 0-35 besides state and private schools.

The Higher Education sector has an important contribution to the TRNC economy. Contributions to the economy by foreign students who come to the TRNC for university education cannot be underestimated. The Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus which can be adapted easily in terms of cultural structure and climate conditions is considered as one of the safest areas of the world.

Universities in North Cyprus welcome students from 68 different countries. The majority of students come from Turkey. Following Turkey, Middle East countries such as Jordan, Palestine, Iran and African countries such as Nigeria and Cameroon send many students to our country. Thus, the international and multicultural atmosphere of these educational institutions provide an opportunity to meet with students from different countries and cultures.

The official websites of the universities which are accredited by the Higher Education Planning Evaluation Accreditation and Coordination Council in the TRNC can be accessed from the links below:

Akdeniz Karpaz University

Eastern Mediterranean University

Girne American University

University of Kyrenia

Istanbul Technical University Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus Education and Research Campuses

American University of Cyprus

Cyprus Health and Social Sciences University

Cyprus Social Sciences University

European University of Lefke

British University of Nicosia

Middle East Technical University Northern Cyprus Campus

Final International University

Cyprus International University

Near East University

Cyprus Science University

Atatürk Teacher Training Academy 

Cyprus Metropolitan University

Source: TRNC Public Information Office

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