Who Are We

Our Company is one of the most dynamic companies of the Cyprus Real Estate Market and has a structure that exceeds the borders of the TRNC with its experience in the Real Estate Sector, serving many areas. Goldman Estates Ltd. was founded in September 2015 by Erman Esentuna, Osman Oran and Durmuş Özgen. With its experienced directors and consultants, we have risen to a great deal in our first year in TRNC real estate world.

Erman Esentuna and Osman Oran have twelve years career experience in real estate and construction sector in TRNC. Unlike other real estate agents, the two participating in the Real Estate Fair in Russia, China, Europe and Middle East Real Estate Markets exceeded 100 and they made a rapid entry into their private business life with Goldmark Estates Ltd thanks to the wide cooperation Nertwork.

Within the first year after the foundation of our company, our company got more motivation by receiving the best real estate company award from Real Estate Sector in TRNC real estate awards. Thanks to its extensive foreign contacts and business partnerships, unlike other real estate agents in Iran, the Arab countries, Russian speaking countries, Scandinavian and European countries, as well as we offer high quality services in many areas with activities in Turkey and our offices.

Our company has a clean background partnership and based on the principles of Reliability and Sharing on the Cyprus Real Estate Market, and we were able to get the best of both our clients and contractors in the shortest possible time.

We have set up our teams from highly trained Sales Consultants and have been working to provide new customers with the most secure and affordable investment opportunities that their customers can have once or twice in life. Soon we won the hearts of our customers.

Our firm, which always works to serve honestly in the right way, is a member of Turkish Cypriot Realtor Association in 2017. We have insured all our customers for up to € 100.000 for business mistakes and money loss.

Our company, based on a satisfaction-focused system of customers and employees, will continue to rise rapidly with confidence in the Cyprus Real Estate sector in an honest structure that likes to share.

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